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Military robotics are about more than war

The ability to remotely control heavy, well-armed vehicles and robots brings us to a watershed moment. The world is looking at totally different methods for waging war and responding to a variety of other physical threats.

Despite ethics concerns — which are more about human accountability and policy making than technology — keeping the people in the armed forces and emergency-response agencies secure is a worthwhile application of robotics. Military robotics can serve both as a force multiplier and as a safeguard.

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In the challenging Defence and Security sector, Kapzelet offers innovative solutions on land and in the air.


Kapzelet’s highly skilled personnel have been designing, developing, robotics system. These remotely operated systems and special equipment, support the Homeland Security, Special Forces, Land and Air Force domains. Kapzelet  provides a complete range of solutions in all operational environments. From Remotely Operated to Unmanned and Autonomous vehicles.

Imagined in 2017 & Established in 2021,  Kapzelet  initially focused on developing high-end robotics system .



Kapzelet provides complete life cycle services for integrated security projects including consulting; design; integration; project management and supervision; installation; and maintenance, support and training.



Kapzelet offers a number of robust and innovative in-house developed solutions to meet the unique security requirements of a wide variety of sites.




Kapzelet delivers full security solutions for critical sites including airports, borders, critical infrastructure, correctional facilities, energy, safe city, smart city and seaports.

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